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At NCCC, learning happens outside the classroom too! As students participate in athletics, clubs, organizations, student senate, and more, they are finding friends, making memories, having adventures—but they are also learning. Students who participate in cocurricular activities gain new experiences, they hone their skills, they practice leadership, and they build a résumé that is sure to impress future employers. This is why many students find cocurricular learning one of the best parts of the NCCC experience. 

The Panther CLAW
NCCC promotes cocurricular learning through a program known as the Panther CLAW (Cocurricular Leadership, Action, and Wellness). This program helps keep students informed about the many exciting opportunities available to them. The Panther CLAW also helps students understand how their cocurricular experiences are contributing to their education.

Starting in 2023, NCCC will be presenting a new graduation honor to graduates who excel in cocurricular learning—the Panther CLAW Award. In order to earn this award, students must demonstrate learning related to each of the following cocurricular outcomes:

Cocurricular Outcomes
1. Career Readiness: Exhibit career readiness through work habits and career related experiences. 

2. Civic Responsibility: Cultivate civic responsibility by serving and participating in the local and/or global community. 

3. Information Literacy: Demonstrate the ability to use information in order to make decisions and/or solve problems effectively. 

4. Intercultural Understanding: Demonstrate intercultural awareness, understanding and respect to achieve personal growth. 

5. Communication: Model communication that promotes teamwork, civility, and effective leadership. 

6. Healthy Lifestyle: Demonstrate an understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

Current students can find out more about the Panther CLAW and about the many cocurricular opportunities available to them by accessing myPanther CLAW in myNeosho. Descriptions of NCCC’s clubs and organizations are also available in the College Catalog. Further information is provided at the links below.

Clubs & Organizations