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The NCCC Endowment Foundation and Alumni Board are made up of distinguished community volunteers that devote a great deal of time to the success of our students.  The Foundation meets quarterly in February, May, August and November to conduct business and discuss upcoming ventures with NCCC.  

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Foundation Board of Directors

Jerry Thompson - Ottawa, KS         (President)
Jennifer Dietsch - Chanute, KS         (Vice President)
David Robinson - Chanute, KS (Secretary)
Mike Reid - Chanute, KS (Treasurer)
Chris Bilby - Chanute, KS  
Wendy Brazil - Chanute, KS  
Chris Cleaver - Chanute, KS  
Mike DeLaTorre - Chanute, KS  
Tim Heenan - Chanute, KS  
Kindra Holland - Erie, KS  
Jerry Howarter - Garnett, KS  
Mark Lair - Chanute, KS  
Dan Mildfelt - Chanute, KS  
David Orr - Chanute, KS  
Lenoir Rowland - Erie, KS  
John Rubow - Chanute, KS  
Ruth Theis - Garnett, KS  
Kim Walker - Ottawa, KS  
* Charles Boaz - Chanute, KS (Ex officio)
   NCCC Board of Trustees  
* Dr. Brian Inbody - Chanute, KS (Ex officio)
   NCCC President