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Admission Application (Use this for ALL courses)

Concurrent Credit courses are college courses taught at the high school by qualified high school instructors in which the students receive both high school and college credit.  Students are enrolled by NCCC personnel who come to the school, or by high school counselors or teachers.  Students are taught using the same materials as the on campus college courses and use the same textbook, unless the high school textbook has been approved for use by the college.  When a common final evaluation is available, that final will be used in the concurrent class.  The same outcomes and competencies must be met by concurrent students and regular tradition college students.

Dual Credit courses are regular college courses taken by a high school student, taught by a regular NCCC instructor (rather than a high school instructor).  These classes may be on any campus or online and are not special classes for high school students only.  

NCCC Concurrent Coordinators/Contacts  
Director of Outreach and Workforce Development
Chanute and Southern Service Area 
Administrative Assistant to Outreach and Workfoce Development Director of Outreach and Workforce Development
Ottawa and Northern Service Area 
Karah Kellogg
Amy Smith

Wendy Rossman


The Goppert Eastern Kansas Technology Center in Garnett provides welding and HVAC courses for all students served in the Northern Region.  The Chanute HS Technology Center provides welding and construction courses for all students in the Neosho Region. 

SB155 guarantees tuition is paid for these courses by the State of Kansas.  For additional covered course information, contact your school coordinator.