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What business program is right for you?

There are two types of business degrees available at NCCC and several certificates in the fields of Accounting, Management, Marketing, Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship. The primary difference between the degree types is whether the student wishes to continue on and complete a bachelor degree at a four-year university, or go straight to work after completing a degree or certificate at NCCC.
Students planning on transferring to a university complete the Associate of Science (AS) degree. This degree has 45 credit hours of general education courses, including English, algebra, two science courses, psychology, and electives in social sciences and electives in arts and humanities. In addition, students complete a small number of business courses, including economics, accounting, and management, with electives such as marketing, business law, statistics, small business management, or entrepreneurship. Students in this tract earn a Business Administration Emphasis.
Students that prefer to take classes and go immediately to the workforce take one or more of the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees in business, including: Accounting, Management, Marketing, or Office Technology. These degrees have only a few general education courses and concentrate mostly on coursework in the discipline of choice. These degrees are perfect for working professionals in another field with a desire to move into management, or someone that wants a less expensive degree for an intermediate level position, or the business owner or individual that simply wishes to learn new skills.

Kansas State-Wide Standardized Courses

Several of the business courses at NCCC are standardized state wide. They are guaranteed to transfer to any Kansas public university (assuming they are needed in the student’s degree). These courses include Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Management, Marketing, Leadership, and Statistics.

Panthers Mean Business!

The Business and Innovation Club gives students the opportunity to hear guest speakers that work directly in a business field or step outside of the classroom for a business related visit or tour. Besides planning meetings, the club typically hosts three events a semester with one larger event each year. The club also gives back to the community with an annual service project. Past projects have included building a website for an area small business, helping the city market an event, and even a pet food drive.

Our business programs are accredited

All of the business programs are independently accredited by the ACBSP.  Learn more here.  Accreditation

Our students due well after transferring

This table shows how NCCC students that transferred to Emporia State University (ESU) compared to ESU native students (students that started at ESU) and also to students that transferred to ESU from other community colleges. In several cases, NCCC students performed better than ESU students, and in most cases, they perform about the same.

This data shows that, on average, our students do well after transferring to Kansas Universities.  For every year of the four years shown, the average was higher than university native students (see "All State Universities, second column from the right).  Note, native students are those that start at a university as freshman.  In some years, to some universities, the scores are lower.  It is believed that is due to the small number of students transferring to an individual university where one or two struggling students can pull down the score.