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About NCCC

About NCCC

Neosho County Community College (NCCC) is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and traces its beginnings to Chanute Junior College, established in 1936 so that graduates of Chanute High School as well as other area high schools could attend college close to home. Chanute Junior College operated as a part of the public school system and was governed by the Chanute Board of Education until July 1, 1965.

   Higher Learning Commission

230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500

Chicago, IL 60604


In 1961, State legislation provided the means for the college to become a countywide community junior college, and on July 1, 1965, Chanute Junior College became Neosho County Community Junior College, an institution with its own governing Board of Trustees. Voters in Neosho County passed a bond issue in October 1965, providing for a four-building campus, separate from the high school, to be constructed in the southwestern part of Chanute. The new facilities—two instructional buildings, with one containing an administrative center; a library; and a student center—were ready for use at the start of the 1968 fall semester. Added to the campus was an interdenominational
chapel, a gift from the estate of the late Jewel and K.C. Snyder.

Since 1968, several new buildings have been added to the Chanute campus, including two residence halls, one built in 1971 and another in 2000; a vocational building, completed in 1981; a wellness center, completed in 1991; and a multipurpose building, completed in 2001, as well as expansion and remodeling of some existing facilities.

The university parallel transfer program remains an important one, but state legislation in July 1980 allowed the College to reflect the fact that the transfer program was only one aspect of the total operation of the College. The word junior was omitted from the College name.

In 1979, the Kansas State Board of Education, the state-level body that then exercised oversight for community colleges, assigned service areas to the various colleges. In addition to Neosho County, the College was assigned Franklin County and most of Anderson County. In 1991, the College opened a branch campus in Ottawa, the county seat of Franklin County, using a new building through a lease agreement with the City of Ottawa. An expansion of that building occurred in 1995. In 2003, the NCCC Foundation purchased the Ottawa campus. Today, the College offers classes and other services on the Chanute campus, the Ottawa campus, and outreach sites in all three counties. Additionally the College offers courses through the Lawrence Center, Mercy Hospital in Independence, KS, and on-line.

The most recent self-study which was completed in 2013 can be viewed here.

Before I Die in Chanute, Kansas

NCCC History Club co-sponsors Mindy Ayers and Ben Smith saw this project on their History Club trip to New Orleans in 2013 and the group was moved by the project and what they read. Ben brought the idea back to our NCCC Executive Committee who also loved the project, and low and behold, the NCCC "Before I Die" wall was born. It didn't take long before students started reading and writing...   This wall belongs to the students, faculty, staff and visitors of Neosho County Community College. The wall is cleaned and erased regularly, truly a metaphor for life. Each day you begin with a blank slate and it is yours to do with as you will. Remember that and document your dreams here.   Thanks you for sharing with us!

This wall was born in October, 2014, click here to view the wall's official webpage!