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Counseling Services


Counseling services at Neosho County Community College are available to all students to provide a supportive response to a student in need. We provide a wide-range of supportive services to help deal with problems with transition to college, decision-making, a difficult personal situation or mental health supports. We also provide on-campus assistance for academic difficulties, and academic decision-making.

While we provide supportive assistance, we recognize that some students may need and want help for more serious mental health issues. We have an excellent relationship with our local mental health agencies, and can help students get an appointment.  If a student is in crisis, we work closely with the student to get emergency mental health services.


Online resource for college student mental health and emotional well-being

Online resource for suicide information

Online resource for rape abuse incest national network

Under the Influence workshops: Alcohol 101 or Marijuana 101

A quick screening to find out “how much is too much.”

Online counseling resources and pamphlet collection

Online resource of Study Guides

If you are experiencing significant difficulty and need immediate help, please dial 911.

If you or friends are experiencing significant physical difficulty, please go to:
Chanute:  Neosho Memorial Hospital, 629 South Plummer, Chanute 620-431-4000
Ottawa:    Ransom Memorial, 1301 South Main, Ottawa 785-229-8200


Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center (Chanute students)
402 South Kansas
Chanute, Kansas 66720

The Elizabeth Layton Center (Ottawa students)
204 East 15th Street
Ottawa, Kansas 66067