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Enrollment Information

Enrollment & Registration

Admission Requirements

NCCC welcomes all applicants who will benefit from the programs offered.

The following are categories of students who will be admitted to NCCC:

1. Graduates of an accredited high school;
2. High school students who have completed the sophomore year and are approved by the high school administration;
3. Gifted children, as defined in K.S.A. 72-962 (g), who are enrolled in any of the grades 9 through 12 and who have been recommended for early college enrollment;
4. High school students who have not completed their sophomore year or have not been designated gifted may enroll for audit during summer session with permission of their high school principal;
5. Persons who have successfully completed the General Education Development (GED) test battery;
6. Students transferring from an accredited college or university;
7. Students who were home schooled and those from non-accredited high schools will be accepted for admission provided they take the ACT or SAT exams and obtain an ACT composite score of 20 or higher, or an SAT composite score of 850 or higher.  Students with scores below these minimums will be required to pass the GED exam;
8. Persons 18 years of age or older who have not graduated from a state accredited high school may be admitted conditionally after taking the Accuplacer or other suitable assessment to determine if the student has the ability to benefit from the courses in which the student wishes to enroll.
9. Students who demonstrate the ability to benefit from college as defined by NCCC policy.

Official transcripts of all high school work or GED scores are required of degree and certificate-seeking students. Transcripts of all previous college work are also required for degree and certificate-seeking students. Transcripts must be sent directly to the student services office at NCCC by the issuing school. Students applying for federal financial assistance must submit all previous academic transcripts before any disbursement of funds is made.

Nursing Admission

The bi-level nursing program requires all applicants applying for entrance to complete a nursing entrance exam before they are admitted into the nursing program. Information regarding this test may be obtained by contacting the department of nursing. Entrance to the nursing program will be determined based on the nursing entrance exam score and the number of general education courses completed prior to the entrance advising process.

International Student Admission

Before international students may be admitted, the following items must be completed:

1. Submit a Student Application form.
2. Submit an original financial statement certifying the sources and amounts of funding available, including the amount in U.S. dollars. All bank statements, affidavits of support, etc. must have been issued within six (6) months of the time the student applies for admission. International students must show proof of funds on deposit for the total cost of two (2) semesters of study at NCCC. Proof of funds must be no less than $10,000.
3. Submit original copies of all academic credentials (secondary school records, diplomas, and any previous college or trade school transcripts). Official notarized translated copies must be sent for all non-English credentials. To be official, each copy must bear the original stamp or seal and a signature of a school officer or other authorized official attesting that it is a true copy of the original document. The name of the institution where a student is currently enrolled must also be included along with that transcript. Records from U.S. or Canadian schools must be official copies sent directly from the registrar’s office to the office of international services at NCCC.
4. Submit a non-refundable application/processing fee of $35 (must be in U.S. dollars) required to process the students application – must be received before admission is granted.
5. Upon arrival to the College, take the NCCC placement test to verify English and math proficiency before enrolling in classes.
6. Complete the TOEFL exam.  NCCC recommends the following minimum scores:  CELT 200+, TOEFL written 500+, TOEFL computer based 173+, and TOEFL Internet based 61+.


Translators may be used during class time, at the discretion of the instructor, but may not be used to take exams.


All students wishing to enroll in courses at NCCC must complete an Admission Form.  Degree and certificate-seeking students are also required to provide an official copy of their high school transcript or GED transcript, as well as transcripts from all previous colleges or universities attended.  

Social Security Numbers

Each entering American student is asked to provide a social security number upon enrollment. No student may receive financial aid from any federally funded program or be employed by the College unless the social security number is on file. Social Security numbers are used for identification purposes only. New students to NCCC are assigned a computer-generated student ID number that appears on their student ID card. Any student may request a computer generated ID number by contacting the Registrar’s office.

Campus Visit

An important part of choosing a college is the campus visit; therefore, prospective students are encouraged and welcome to visit the campus. The student services office should be notified in advance so that necessary arrangements can be made. Student services personnel, instructors, and activity sponsors are available for appointments.  To schedule a visit at the Chanute campus, call 800-729-6222 (KS only) or 620-432-0376.  To schedule a visit at the Ottawa campus, call 888-466-2688 (KS only) or 785-242-2067. 

Registering for Classes

Before registering for classes, students must complete an Admission Form.