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Want to be a Host Family?

Host families are a corner stone of our International program. As a host family, you provide a supportive and caring home environment for a student while they study in the US. The relationship between you and your student lasts a lifetime and has a positive impact on everyone in your community. The term "family" can have many forms and meanings. The only ingredient needed for a good host family is a positive attitude. A warm, welcoming home makes a world of difference to an international student.

Benefits of Hosting

Your family will welcome the world to your home. You will get to know a representative of a new country and culture – and also see your home country in a completely new light. You will both taste new foods, ask questions of each others’ backgrounds, and get to know each other day-by-day. Your family will travel the world – in your own home – sharing your, and learning their, family traditions, customs and culture.

Most importantly you will experience a sense of fulfillment as a family, knowing that you have helped a young person achieve his or her dream. Many YFU host families say they have truly added a new son or daughter to their family, even if only for a short while. They also report that the relationship long endures across miles even after the exchange program has come to an end. Learn more about the YFU organization and becoming a host family by visiting the YFU website.

If you want to enrich your life by opening your home to a YFU intercultural exchange student, please contact Sarah Cadwallader at 620-432-0324 or