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The safety and security of our students is our top priority.  NCCC has added Safety Officers which regularly patrol campus buildings during evening hours of operation.  Security cameras are located in all hallways and common areas of each residence hall and in various other locations on campus.  When in public areas, all residents are under 24-hour video surveillance.  A minimum of one Safety Officer is on duty each night in college housing and stationed in the Bideau Security Office.  Below are pictures and bio's of our current Safety Officers.  The Chanute Police Department can be reached by the blue security phones between the residence halls, near the softball field and near the Student Union parking lot at any time.  Students should contact the residence life staff member on duty at any time for security concerns. 

Parking Permit Application 
Temporary Parking Permit Application 

 Drake Tilman 
Drake worked as a county corrections officer for two years at the Allen County Jail and one year at the Wilson County Jail where he obtained the title of Shift Sergeant before coming to NCCC in January of 2015.
 James "Buzz" Godinez
A 21 year Air Force Veteran who has served in Vietnam, Grenada, Operation Desert Storm and also served as a Presidential Support member under Presdient Regan before coming to NCCC in January of 2015.
 Kevin Burkholder
Kevin was born and raised in Anaheim California.  He is married with four children and four grandchildren.  He has been working in law enforcement since 1999 with both the Sheriff and Police Departments throughout the state of Kansas.  He was a road Sergeant for those agencies during his tenure and is currently working part-time for the Humboldt Police Department and NCCC.

Steve Barker
Steve married his wife right out of high school and now has three kids.  He retired from CMCI after 36 years as a pipe welder and has also worked with the Chanute PD as a reserve for ten years.  He loves working with old cars and trucks.