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Khiera Almanza

Khiera Almanza is the Director of Residence and Student Life at Neosho County Community College. She has a passion for creating the ultimate college experience and is enthusiastic about providing fun opportunities for the NCCC student body. Khiera was born in Detroit, Michigan; then raised in Chicago, Illinois; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in Psychology. During her undergraduate experience, she held various positions in fraternity and sorority life including Student Greek Life Coordinator; President, Programs Coordinator, Secretary, and Constitution Chair of Sigma Delta Rho Multicultural Sorority. She was also involved with Black Student Union for two years as secretary in addition to volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club of America and Big Brothers Big Sisters Program for the YMCA. Khiera received her Masters of Science College Student Affairs with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution at Nova Southeastern University. In her free time, she enjoys singing, swimming, and traveling. You can find Khiera randomly telling jokes with funny puns.


Kenny Eddy

Kenny is the Coordinator of Residence and Student Life. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education from Emporia State University. He is also the Assistant Coach for the NCCC Women’s Basketball Team.



Azaira Shelton

Zee is the Assistant Director of Residence and Student Life. She graduated from NCCC in 2019 with her Associates of Science and Arts for Athletic Training. Azaira promotes this quote “We’re all here for a good time not a long time. Love yourself and others, this is going to be a great year!”


Nyah Alexander

Nyah is the Resident Assistant in Green Hall located in Bideau. She is from Kansas City, MO. She’s on the Volleyball team at NCCC and is majoring in Psychology.



Owen Chaffin

Owen Chaffin is the Resident Assistant for Blue Hall. He was born in Dodge City, Kansas and raised in Overland Park, Kansas. He plays baseball for NCCC. Owen is looking forward to earning a Masters in Computer Science. He is looking to either become a Software Developer or Application Developer.

Kelsey DiMattia
Kelsey is a Resident Assistant in Purple Hall located in Bideau. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but was raised in Wichita, Kansas. She plays Basketball and Track at NCCC. Kelsey is majoring in Mechanical Engineering.



Adelia Timmer

Addie is the Resident Assistant in Pink Hall located in NeoKan. Addie was born in Wichita, Kansas. She’s on the Women’s Basketball Team at NCCC. She is also a Pre-Med major and plans to become a Pediatric Surgeon.


Gabriel Crawford

Gabe is the Resident Assistant in Orange Hall located in NeoKan. He is from Conway, Arkansas. He runs Track for NCCC and is majoring in Kinesiology.


Arabian Williams

Arabian is the Residence Assistant in Yellow Hall located in NeoKan. He was born and raised in Chatham, Louisiana. He runs track at NCCC. Arabian is seeking a degree in athletic training. He also loves to ride horses and fish.



Austin Arceneaux

Austin Arceneaux is the Resident Assistant in Red Hall located in Bideau. He was born and raised in Rayne, LA. He plays Baseball for NCCC. Austin is majoring in political science and plans to become an attorney. Austin is also the President of Student Senate at the Chanute Campus.