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Disbursement of Loans and Other Financial Aid

Loans must be disbursed in equal disbursements, unless your loan is awarded for one semester only. If your loan period spans fall and spring semesters, you will receive one-half of your loan the fall semester and one-half of your loan the spring semester. However, if your loan period is only for one semester, your loan will be disbursed fully in the semester it was awarded.

In addition, you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours and be attending classes.
The following will determine when your loan (and other financial aid) is disbursed to NCCC. Your attendance for your latest starting class, in that term, has been certified by your instructor. Typically, class certification dates are 25% into the class.
As an example:
bullet You are enrolled in the fall semester
bullet Your latest starting class begins October 17
bullet This late start class lasts eight (8) weeks
bullet This late start class may certify on October 28
bullet Loan disbursement (and all other aid) will be scheduled shortly after October 28
(allow time for processing and updating your student records and account)

In addition, disbursements are coordinated with business office processing. The NCCC business office typically applies financial aid to student accounts bi-weekly. After applying financial aid to your account and paying any charges, please allow three (3) business days for the business office to mail any refund checks to you. Actual disbursement could occur up to two weeks following your last class certification.