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Presidents Bio


Dr. Brian Inbody, President of Neosho County Community College, came to Kansas in 2003 as the Vice President for Student Learning for NCCC from a position as Dean of Academic Studies at Southwestern Michigan College. Dr. Inbody became President of NCCC in 2010.  He began his career in higher education 19 years ago as broadcasting instructor at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College in Miami, Oklahoma, a position he held for nine years before moving on to Michigan to work as a college administrator.  Dr. Inbody is a 2007 graduate of the prestigious Executive Leadership Institute offered through the League for Innovation in Community Colleges.  He holds the 2007-2008 Region 5 Leadership Award from the National Council of Instructional Administrators (NCIA), an affiliate council of the AACC.  Brian was also granted the Phi Theta Kappa Distinguished College Administrator Award in 2008 and the NISOD Award of Excellence in 2009.  He served as an officer for the Kansas Council of Instructional Administrators for four years. 

Since Dr. Inbody came to NCCC, the College has grown from 18th out of 19 community colleges in Kansas to 9th in size.  In Fall 2011, NCCC added more students than any other community college in the state and more than four of the Regents’ universities. NCCC is currently ranked 19th in the country in enrollment growth among like-sized institutions.  In 2012, CNN-Money ranked NCCC 32nd in the nation in student success, a measure of students that either successfully graduate or transfer on to a university. 

His field of educational expertise is in outcomes assessment and his leadership in this area has resulted in NCCC receiving the 2007-2008 NCIA National Award for Exemplary Initiatives and a 2009 Bellwether Finalist Award for their computerized outcomes assessment system. Dr. Inbody holds degrees in mass communication from Oklahoma State University and a Doctorate in Education from the University of Arkansas.  He and his wife Jennifer, a middle school counselor and Fredonia, Kansas native, have been married for 18 years and have two daughters, Abrielle, 12 and Alayna, 10.