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Significant gifts to NCCC directly or through the Neosho County Community College Foundation will provide opportunities for donors to name a NCCC program, facility, unit, scholarship, faculty fund or other entity in honor of the donor or another person recommended by the donor. Each naming gift must be accompanied by an executed written gift agreement.

The amounts included here are minimums. Specific naming gift amounts must be approved by the NCCC President prior to negotiation of a gift agreement with a donor.  Any exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the NCCC President. 

Building – Minimum Contribution Amounts 

New building with 100% private funding of construction costs:  at least 51% of construction cost or $1,000,000 whichever is greater

Wing of a facility:  $500,000

Laboratory:  $250,000

Classroom:  $75,000

Conference Room:  $25,000

Other spaces within a building:  $25,000

Benches, fountains, outdoor plantings, other outdoor structures or areas: handled on a case-by-case basis

Gifts may be given with cash/check, stocks or bonds, land, life insurance policies or irrevocable trusts.  Always consult a tax consultant or attorney before giving any gift.

Please contact Claudia Christiansen at 620-432-0327 for further information or if you have questions concerning giving.