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Campus Revitalization

Neosho County Community College continues to be one of the fastest growing community colleges in Kansas. In 2001-2002 we produced about 27,000 credit hours. This year (2011-2012) we are projecting over 50,000 credit hours. In ten years we will have nearly doubled the size of the enrollment.

A few years ago the College went through a visioning process where architects and engineers worked with members of the community, students, and College leadership to shape the future appearance of the Chanute campus. We knew that the growth would continue and that our facility was rapidly aging. Many, if not most areas of campus, had never been significantly renovated since the buildings were built in 1968. Students from over 44 years ago would recognize the same classrooms, science labs, heating/cooling units, and restrooms. We are charged with being good stewards of this facility and it is
Armed with that visioning process and with revenue from the out of district fee, some grants, and gifts, the College Board of Trustees is moving forward a 10-year plan to revitalize the campus. The plan is called "Our Time".

You can find a full account of the Our Time plan on this web page. 

The total cost of Our Time is about $18 million. Thanks to our rapid growth, we will have much of these funds coming in over the ten-year period. There is a gap in funding. The College will NOT be going before the taxpayers to pass a bond issue to increase the mill levy for this plan. We will use available funds and your gifts. So, "Our Time" will have all the effect of passing a bond issue with none of the increase in taxes.
NCCC has the vision to be the premier community college in Kansas. I believe the quality of the education found here meets this high standard. It is time our Chanute facilities caught up.

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