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COVID19 News and Updates | COVID19 Levels Overview

Full PDF Version of Plans

Click each level below for the details of that level. 

Current Level Chanute Campus: Level 4 

Current Level Ottawa Campus: Level 4

NCCC’s Core Emergency Response Team (CERT) has developed the following 
framework to assist all constituents with transitions during emergencies. 
Level determination is made by CERT decision as information by 
County Declaration, State Plan, or Other Authorities. This plan is 
reviewed regularly; please check foot-note approval date.


Vaccinations are strongly encouraged for students, employees, and guests.
In levels 0 through 3,
* Standard Safety Protocols include:
 Frequent Disinfecting / Cleaning
 Social Distancing
 Face Coverings Required, with Specific Exceptions
 Sick Individuals Stay Home
 Best Practices for Seating in Classrooms
 Physical Modification to Buildings
 Testing as Needed / Contact Tracing and Self-Isolation As Required
 More Extensive Screening of Residence Hall Students
Physical Modifications include:
 Air Purification
 Clear Barriers Upon Request
 Hand Sanitizing Stations
 Social Distancing Reminders / Positional Directives


^ Exceptions can be made by the Vice President for Operations (VPO).


For additional information review the Guide for Neosho Panthers