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Neosho County Community College COVID-19 Response: Student Questions & Answers

Last Updated – 3-26-2020 (Newest questions at the bottom.  If any answer is updated, it will be noted by date.)

  1. I have a Service Scholarship, can I return to work?  Will my scholarship still be paid?

No, students will not be able to return to work.Service scholarships will be paid regardless.


  1. I have a Federal Work Study position, can I return to work?  Will I still be paid?

No, students will not be able to return to work. Federal Work Study hours will be paid according to the student’s past schedule.Students will not have to work the hours to be paid.


  1. Are we going to continue to pay student workers (non-work study)?

Yes, we will continue to pay student workers based on their past schedule.

  1. What about last eight week classes – how will they work? 

Online last eight week classes start as scheduled on Monday, March 23.For face-to-face and hybrid courses, we will be making a decision on the continuation on a case by case situation.Students will be notified by instructors of the requirements for the class. This includes the weekend classes at Ottawa.


  1. Can I come on campus to access services such as the library, financial aid, etc.? 

Beginning March 30, services will be available via phone and Zoom.  Test proctoring, general computer access and bookstore services will be available by appointment only.   

The college is closed to the public until further notice.  You can access a directory of contact information on  and


  1. When will the Chanute cafeteria be open?

The cafeteria will only provide to-go service.Food will be delivered to residence halls for those students.


  1. Can we attend practices and rehearsals?

Based on the NJCAA requirements, there will be no practices, competitions for athletics.Rehearsals and gatherings for fine arts will not be allowed.


  1. Are there still going to be events on campus such as clubs, organizations, and student government activities?  

There will be no events allowed on campus until after May 17.


  1. What about online courses – will they be changing?

Current online courses are unaffected by these changes, they will resume on Monday, March 23 like nothing happened.


  1. Will I still have access to tutoring?

Many of our tutors are students, so there may be limited access for a period of time while an expanded online tutoring schedule is generated.


  1. Can I withdraw from my classes? 

Please refer to the Enrollment Management Calendar on the myResources page in myNeosho to review the associated dates for drop and withdraw for your course.Overall, we strongly discourage withdrawing from courses.  


  1. What are we doing for finals?  Will the schedule be adjusted?

The previously published Chanute and Ottawa Finals Schedules will be adjusted and re-published.In general, face-to-face sections that are transitioning to remote instruction will be eligible for the online timeframe for final exams (May 9 through 17).


  1. What if my class requires a proctored exam, how do I get a proctor?

Proctors will be available by appointment.If you are unable to go to either of these locations, please work with your instructor to establish an approved proctor.


  1. How will I return my rental textbooks and supplies at the end of the semester?

The bookstores at Chanute and Ottawa will be available by appointment only.You can also send books through the mail.  Students can either return those items in person or by mail.  If mailed, we recommend tracking numbers and confirmation.


  1. What if I do not return college property, such as uniforms, team-issued apparel, textbooks, calculators, etc. by the due date?

Per standard policy, a hold will be placed on student accounts until those items are returned or an appropriate fee is paid.Students can either return those items in person or by mail.If mailed, we recommend tracking numbers and confirmation.


  1. What if I need counseling support during this trying time?

The college wants to ensure continuity of mental health services as much as possible.The Director of Academic Advising and Counseling is available during normal business hours at 620-432-0311 for appointments.Students are encouraged to call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) if they are feeling overwhelmed with emotions such as sadness, depression, anxiety, or feel like wanting to harm themselves or others.



  1. What is Neosho County Community College doing?

See the press release found at for all information related to the college’s response to this concern.



Residence Hall Related Questions


  1. How can I check out of my residence hall room and how can I get my textbooks or other materials that were left in the room?

All residents will have access to the residence hall buildings on Sunday, March 22nd at 8am. That is when access will be turned on. All residents will have until May 17th to retrieve their items, but prorated fees will apply based on the week that you officially check out and return your keys. There is an express checkout envelope with your checkout form on the door which means students may checkout whenever access it turned on. There will be no appointments. Please enter the residence halls and retrieve your items to move out. Once the envelope is signed and your keys are in it, then you may leave campus. I will notify the cashier about your exit, so you do not incur more charges for the remainder of the semester. Please be sure to complete this checklist to avoid incurring additional fees:

·         All trash must be taken out of the room. Trash left in the rooms will cost $25.

·         All additional furniture not provided by the college must be removed from the room. Furniture left will cost $100.

·         All keys must be returned in the express checkout envelopes. Missing keys cost $100.

·         Additional damage fees may apply during the checkout process. 


How to Check Out 

  1. Use hand sanitizer;
  2. Use luggage carts to move out items;
  3. Deep clean room (sweep, wipe down mirrors, take out trash, wipe counters, clean bathrooms (if applicable) and take out furniture/hangers;
  4. Complete the Express Check-out Envelope (read instructions on envelope);
  5. Leave envelope taped to the outside of your door with your keys in the envelope.

We are sorry to see you leave Neosho County Community College for this unprecedented circumstance, but we wish you all the best!  Contact 913-396-9704 or for assistance.


  1. If I choose to move out of the residence hall based on the restrictions and changes due to the COVID-19 situation, will I be refunded for room and board? 

Yes, students will be refunded a pro-rated amount of their room and board charges.Please communicate your intentions about staying in the residence hall or moving out to housing staff at 913-396-9704 or  They will inform you of procedures.  Please keep in mind that housing staff are responding to many student requests and may not immediately be available to answer your questions.  We appreciate your patience.


  1. How will I get my mail?

Students are encouraged to complete the change of address form as part of the checkout procedure.First class mail and packages will be forwarded for a limited time. 


  1. Can I still access other facilities on campus such as the wellness center, team areas, or gymnasium?

No, these areas will not be staffed appropriately for student access and in the effort to limit exposure we want to discourage gatherings of students.


  1. I know that graduation is cancelled, when should I expect my diploma?

We will be sending out diplomas in a cover with a tassel this summer after your degree has been conferred and the diploma is printed.