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Friday, May 6, 2022
Neosho County Community College: Weekly Coronavirus Status Report
Official Statement from NCCC President Dr. Brian Inbody
Below is a report of the number for each campus of those who are isolating and those who are active COVID-19 positive as of 05/06/2022. COVID-19 positive cases were identified through self-reports and/or by testing protocols at NCCC.
Chanute Campus
Number of active COVID-19 positive cases: 0
Number currently in self-isolation: 0
Ottawa Campus
Number of active COVID-19 positive cases: 1
Number currently in self-isolation: 0


FALL 2021 Semester in Review

This is the last press release for the Fall 2021 semester. NCCC is including semester summative data from August 12, 2021 through December 17, 2021 with this report. This includes numbers from the weekly report above.

NCCC Fall Semester Totals Total Number of COVID-19 positive cases: 69 

Total Number of isolations: 73

NCCC Fall Semester Totals by Campus 

Chanute Campus Fall Semester Totals 

Total Number of COVID-19 positive cases: 36

Total Number of isolations: 56

Ottawa Campus Fall Semester Totals

Total Number of COVID-19 positive cases: 33

Total Number of isolations: 17


Neosho County Community College remains committed to an aggressive response to the COVID-19 threat. This response involves an array of initiatives including randomized testing of resident hall and student-athletes, requiring face coverings, self-check protocols, frequent hand sanitizing, socialdistancing classes where plausible, installation of air purification systems, Lexan barriers, and limited use of college facilities.


 PLEASE NOTE: Neosho County Community College will resume weekly reports for the Spring 2022 semester on Friday, January 21, 2022.

 The college has also released a pdf of the entire phase plan.

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