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Forensic Science

Associate of Science
The Associate of Science with an emphasis in Forensic Science is a two‐year degree for students who intend to transfer to a university upon graduation. Students should consult their transfer institution for specific transfer requirements. Forensic scientists apply scientific principles to examine evidence and to obtain and interpret data used to solve problems related to legal and regulatory systems.
The student will need to demonstrate proficiencies in reading, English, and mathematics based on the ACCUPLACER assessment test, ACT or SAT scores, or by taking the recommended/required classes. Some of the courses in this curriculum have specific
General Education (GE) Courses
In order to graduate with a college degree, all students are required to take certain general education courses. These include English composition, speech, wellness, science, art and humanities, mathematics, computer systems, and social and behavioral science.
Program Core Courses
The major core courses are outlined in the recommended sequence of course section.
Program Elective Courses
CRIM 123 Criminal Investigation
CRIM 247 Criminology
MATH 143 Elementary Statistics
PHYS 100/130 Introductory College Physics I/Lab
PHYS 105/145 Engineering Physics II/Lab
Program Outcomes
Upon completion of the program, the student will be able to:
1. Explain and apply the scientific method.
2. Explain the basic chemistry of life.
3. Gather and record qualitative and quantitative data accurately, and master basic qualitative lab techniques.
4. Use effective oral and written communication.
Course Sequence
The listing that follows is a recommended sequence of courses for full‐time students. The student should consult with an advisor for information specific to their academic situation.
Recommended Sequence of Courses
(Fall) Semester I Cr Hr
BIOL 251 Biology I 3
BIOL 252 Biology I Lab 2
CHEM 215 College Chemistry I 3
CHEM 216 College Chemistry I Lab 2
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3
MATH 113 College Algebra 3
PSYC 100 First Year Seminar 1
Total 17
(Spring) Semester II  
BIOL 255 Biology II 3
BIOL 256 Biology II Lab 2
CHEM 225 College Chemistry II 3
CHEM 226 College Chemistry II Lab 2
ENGL 289 English Composition II 3
CSIS 100/130 Computer Concepts and Applications or Intro to Computer Information Systems 3
HPER 150 Lifetime Fitness 1
Total 17
(Fall) Semester III  
BIOL 257 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3
BIOL 258 Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab 2
CRIM 121 Intro to Criminal Justice 3
PSYC 155 General Psychology 3
COMM 207 Fundamentals of Speech 3
Arts/Humanities Course 3
Total 17
(Spring) Semester IV  
CRIM 122 Criminal Law 3
Social/Behavioral Science Course 3
Social/Behavioral Science Course 3
Arts/Humanities Course 3
Arts/Humanities Course 3
Total 15
Total Program Credits 66

For more information contact:
Program advisors

Steve Yuza, Ph.D, 620-432-0423

Sally Kittrell, 620-432-0347

Andrew Ouellette, 620-432-0382

Michael Campbell, 785-248-2805

Eric Row, 785-248-2828