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Athletic Training Classes

Associate of Science/ Athletic Training (2 year degree intended for transfer)

An Associates of Science with an emphasis in Athletic Training can prepare students for transfer into a redundant four-year institution’s accredited Athletic Training Education Program.  At NCCC, the student will be instructed in both the concepts and application of injury evaluation, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of common athletic injuries.  This program is also beneficial for anyone interested in a career in any of the numerous other specialized aspects of sports medicine.

Program Core Courses

HPER 204 Intro to Athletic Training

HPER 207 Care& Prevention of Athletic Injury & Lab

HPER 208 Advanced Care & Prevention of Athletic Injury & Lab

BIO 257/258 Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture/Lab

BIOL 203 Nutrition

PSYC 155 General Psychology

Recommended Elective Courses

PHYS 100/130 Intro to College Physics/Lab

BIO 280 Human Dissection

ALHE 105 Medical Terminology

The current program sheet with a semester by semester course layout can be found here.