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General Education Assessment
General education is viewed as the knowledge, perspectives, attitudes, and skills that become a part of the educational experience of all students, whatever their chosen fields of study. In keeping with the mission of the College, general education courses are designed to enrich our communities and our students’ lives. These courses are intended to provide the foundation for success in the classroom and beyond. 
NCCC has identified four overarching outcomes for its general education courses. The Academic Catalog defines these outcomes as follows:
1. Think analytically through: 
•    utilizing quantitative information in problem solving, 
•    utilizing the principles of systematic inquiry, 
•    utilizing various information resources including technology for research and data collection. 
2. Practice responsible citizenship through: 
•    identifying rights and responsibilities of citizenship, 
•    identifying how human values and perceptions affect and are affected by social diversity, 
•    identifying and interpreting artistic expression. 
3. Communicate effectively through: 
•    developing effective written communication skills, 
•    developing effective oral communication and listening skills. 
4. Live a healthy lifestyle (physical, intellectual, social) through: 
•    listing factors associated with a healthy lifestyle and lifetime fitness, 
•    identifying the importance of lifetime learning, 
•    demonstrating self-discipline, respect for others, and the ability to work collaboratively as a team.



With the help of faculty, NCCC collects coursework data for each general education outcome annually. This information is then compiled and reviewed by the Assessment Committee to ensure that learning goals are being met. The general education program undergoes a full program review every five years. This review culminates in an action plan, which makes data-informed recommendations for strengthening student learning across the institution.
The table below summarizes NCCC’s recent general education scores.