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Student athletes should see their coach for possible scholarship funding. You may be eligible for an NCCC Foundation Scholarship.
Some Foundation scholarships require the recipient to write a thank-you letter to the scholarship donor before funds are released.
Foundation Scholarship Application

Please watch your email for information concerning NCCC Foundation Scholarships !

Watch your email for any possible Scholarship Acceptance Letters.  If you have any questions, please email us at Please remember to attach your transcript to your application! Stay safe.
Thank you to these scholarship donors:
Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church of Vilas
Bruce & Mary Burris
Charles Carwile Memorial
Mina Ruth Crouch
Harry Darby
Russell E. Davidson Scholarship
Defenbaugh Memorial Fund
Maxine Diver
Dorothy Greve Memorial
Steve & Greta Huebert
Honas FamilyEndowed Scholarship
Paul W. Hunt Memorial Scholarship
Heminger Memorial Scholarship
JW Johnson
Mary Lee Johnson
Laura Klingner Vocation - Technical
Virginia & Milton Larson Memorial
Elizabeth Pieper Endowed Scholarship
Dr. James A. Rowland Memorial
Ernest & Mabel Salzman
Elva and Evelyn Uthman
Mabel A. Baker Memorial
Florence R. Carrier Scholarship
Chester & Donice Wheatley
Joe Bogle Memorial Scholarship
Florence Carrier
Ruth Farmer
Grimes Memorial Scholarship
John & Ester Lowen
Frances I Brennecke
Larry Harris
Craig Home Care
Ottawa Scholarship
Robert Glen Neely
Robert Lee Kepley
Pauline Kepley Warner
Dr Alexander WS and Mariam Mih
Young's Welding
Joseph & Mary Heenan
William Glen Neely
Dr & Mrs JC Sanders
Harold Turner
Deborah Bretthauer
Dr Jack Wortman
Hindle Family
Joseph Yuza
Jim & Lois Carlson Family
Laurelle J Tennis 
Marjorie Neely 
Michael D. Thurman Memorial Scholarship
Capt. JB McGrath Scholarship
Weis Family Scholarship
Don and Dorothy Mundell Scholarship