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Hybrid Program

Level II - Beginning in Spring 2007, the 2nd level of the nursing program has been offered using a hybrid format in addition to the in class session.  Students will be admitted to the hybrid program in August at Chanute and January at Ottawa of each year. LPNs may “Bridge” into the hybrid program. Students will be required to attend class eight or more times in a 6 week period, during which orientation, tests, learning laboratory, simulation lab and clinical learning will occur. Students may be required to schedule additional times during the week to practice nursing skills in the learning laboratory. The majority of the didactic portion of the courses will be taught asynchronously using an on-line format including narrated PowerPoint’s, viewing videos via the internet, and participating in discussions through internet forums. Please see the technical requirements below to view the minimum requirements. Students are required to test on campus.  

Level I - Beginning in Spring 2016, the 1st level of the nursing program was approved by the Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN) to offer a concept based curriculum in which all courses will have a web based component.

Technical Requirements:

Hardware:  in addition to a computer or laptop

Headset with microphone.

Webcam (required)


Microsoft office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Adobe Acrobat reader

Flash plug-in

Multimedia Players (Windows Media Player, Apple Quicktime Player, Realplayer, Quickplayer)

Web Browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox (work best with myNeosho learning management system)

Internet Connectivity:

Broadband internet connection

Students are expected to maintain their computer and complete assignments in a timely manner.  In order to complete assignments should computer or connectivity issues occur, NCCC computers are available at the following times at the following locations:

Chanute Learning Center - 24/7 when college is in session

The Learning Center at Ottawa – student will need to refer to TLC schedule for open hours as hours vary

Of course, your community may provide additional options.  Plan ahead for these instances to maintain good grades and have a better outcome.

Necessary Computer Skills:

Ability to save documents on computer

Ability to open documents from a flash drive or other drive

Ability to move documents to a named folder and/or rename a folder

Ability to screen shot or use snipping tool

Ability to use spell check

Create simple tables in Word

Ability to copy from Word and paste into another area (like forum)

Ability to use a search engine/database


Last Update:  5/6/16