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What is the DAISY award?

In late 1999, at the age of 33, Patrick was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease, ITP (Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura). Pat and his wife, Tena, had just had their first child two months before he became sick.

Patrick’s family spent eight weeks of his hospitalization with him. The family was able to experience the best of nursing during this time. They observed the clinical skill that dealt with his very complex medical situation, the fast thinking of nurses who saved his life more than once, and that nursing excellence that took years to hone to be the best of the profession. Pat’s family expected that he would have great clinical care. What they did not expect was the way his nurses delivered that care - the kindness and compassion the nurses gave Pat and extended to his family every day.  The nurses truly helped Pat and his family through the darkest hours of their lives, with soft voices of hope and compassion.

The DAISY award was created to honor Patrick by acknowledging nurses for the difference they make in all the lives they touch, with emphasis on the caring aspect of nursing.  The acronym, DAISY, stands for “diseases attacking the immune system”.

Why the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Faculty Was Created

Patrick’s family also acknowledged that there must have been gifted faculty members who strongly influenced the care Patrick received and that these special teachers deserved recognition for their inspirational influence on future nurses.  The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty was created to honor nursing faculty who inspire their students to always remember that nursing is much more than tasks and technology.  These faculty help ensure that the art as well as the science of nursing are brought to every patient experience.

The pressures on nursing faculty are numerous, yet their impact is powerful.  Many students talk about hearing a professor's or instructor's voice in their ears even years after they have graduated.  These dedicated nursing faculty members often do not receive appropriate recognition for the effect they have on their students, on patient care and on the professionalism of nursing.  The Faculty Award was created to recognize and celebrate the contributions faculty make to the future of nursing.   

The MGSON Daisy Award

Mary Grimes School of Nursing participates in the DAISY Award program.  Second level graduates and nursing faculty can be nominated for the DAISY award using the nomination form on the nursing webpage. One second level graduate and one nursing faculty member are selected to receive the award on each campus.

The MGSON DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students Recipient for the Spring 2021 Chanute Campus is:


The MGSON DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Instructor Recipient for the Spring 2022 Chanute Campus is:


Laura crop

                    Laura Mallett


The MGSON DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Instructor Recipient for the Fall 2021Chanute Campus is:


           Alisha Hillmon - Adjunct                                                            Cindy Light

The MGSON DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Instructor Recipient for the Spring 2018 Chanute Campus is:

                      Janet Mitchell