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The Phlebotomy certificate program prepares students to be proficient in their profession and to demonstrate successful competence in the outcomes as established by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs in their Standards and Guidelines for Medical Assisting Educational Programs that mandate phlebotomy training. 

Upon successful completion of this program the student will have the skills to pass the RPT (Registered Phlebotomy Technician) examination administered by American Medical Technologists (AMT) and to obtain an entry-level position in the laboratory technician profession.

General Education (GE) Courses
The phlebotomy program is designed as a terminal certificate program. Certificate students are not required to take specific elective courses for this program. If students choose to pursue continued education, the certificate will assist with skills needed in the medical assisting and nursing occupations Students should work closely with their advisors to determine the most efficient method of obtaining career goals.

Program Core Courses
ALMA 126 Fundamentals of Phlebotomy I, ALMA 161 Fundamentals of Phlebotomy II, ALMA 182 Phlebotomy Clinical Lab, ALMA 181 Phlebotomy Practicum, ALMA 185 Phlebotomy National Exam Review.

Program Outcomes
1. Demonstrate fundamental safety procedures.
2. Discuss and perform specimen collections.
3. Process requisitions for tests performed in the laboratory.
4. Discuss the circulatory system.
5. Perform capillary punctures.
6. Communicate effectively.
7. Instruct patients.
8. Demonstrate patient preparation for procedure(s). 

Course Sequence
The listing that follows is a recommended sequence of courses. The student should consult with the program advisor for acceptance into the program and enrollment specific to their academic situation. Upon completion, the student will be awarded a 16-credit hour Certificate of Phlebotomy issued by the college.

Recommended Sequence of Courses

Semester I    
ALHE 105 Medical Terminology 3
ALMA 126 Fundamentals of Phlebotomy I 4
  Total 7
Semester II    
ALMA 161 Fundamentals of Phlebotomy II 4
ALMA 182 Phlebotomy Clinical Lab 2
  Total 6
Semester III    
ALMA 181 Phlebotomy Practicum 2
ALMA 185 Phlebotomy National Exam Review 1
  Total 3
  Total Certificate Credits 16

For more information contact:
Program advisor
Christina Savage, 620-432-0398


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