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Goals & Objectives


1. Help students improve their overall high school performance.
2. Prepare students for entry into college.    


1. Academic development
a. To see that students are prepared for college by their senior year.
b. Improving students’ reading, writing, math, science, test-taking, and study skills through tutoring and College Simulation Experience Classes.
c. Encouraging students to take “College Prep”, AP, and Honors Courses.
d. Encouraging students to become familiar with their High School Handbook
e. College visits to many universities and community colleges throughout the area.  
f. Assist students in completing applications to colleges
g. Helping students find the financial aid needed for college.
h. Help students fill out the necessary paperwork to take the ACT, PSAT, and college placement tests

2. Career Exploration
a. Helping students explore career opportunities through field trips, career interest
inventories and work-study positions while on campus for the College Simulation Experience.
b. Introducing students to new areas of interest, both academic and non-academic.
c. Develop a “Plan of Action” using the students’ aptitude and interest inventories to identify academic goals and prepare them for their future career.
d. Help the student decide which colleges are best for their career interests.

3. Personal development
a. Helping students develop self-confidence and self-awareness.
b. Improving skills associated with relating to others.
c. Providing opportunities to learn about people from different cultures and developing an appreciation for diversity.
d. Exploring leadership potential
e. Giving students the experience of cooperative living through residence on campus during the College Simulation Experience.
f. Strengthening the commitment to self-improvement.