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Chapman Library - Frequently Asked Questions Page

What is the loan period for books?  For magazines? 
Books loan for 3 weeks. Magazines loan for 1 week.


How can materials be renewed? 
If you cannot come to the Library to renew materials, you can:
  call the Library at 431-2820, ext. 296
  e-mail the Library at

Why do I have to have identification in order to create library account and check out materials? 
Verifying the identity of everyone who has a library account protects our students from mistaken charges.  


How can I use the Library's databases and online catalog when the Library isn't open?
All the Library's information databases and online catalog can be accessed through the Library's Web Page. Look for "Library"at the bottom of NCCC's home web page.  Then click on the "Go to Library Resources" link.


When I'm not on campus, what are the passwords for the databases?

If you are off-campus, use your InsideNC ID and passwords to access the Library databases and other information resources.


What if I can't find the books or materials I need in Chapman Library? 
The Library staff can assist you in finding materials through the interlibrary loan system of Kansas. The loan period for these materials is 3 weeks, and they cannot be renewed. There is a $1.00/day overdue fee for these materials. Be sure to order these materials in advance, as it may take 7-10 days for them to arrive at NCCC.


Call us to assist you in finding materials, and we will help you with the process of requesting them. To find out more about interlibrary loan, or to order materials, go to the Interlibrary Loan web page.