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Personal Trainer

About the NCCC AT Program
Neosho County Community College has 10 scholarships available for students interested in Athletic Training.  These scholarships are the same as the student-athletes and cover books and tuition.  Expenses for dorms and institutional fees are not covered.  Out of state student expenses will be different.  For more information on scholarships and tuition please go to the financial aid webpage or contact Suzanna Butz, NCCC Head Athletic Trainer at

As an Athletic Training student you will start working in the Athletic Training Room the first day of school.  The Head Certified Athletic Trainer, the Assistant Athletic Trainer and sophomore Athletic Training Students will begin to teach you how to tape, keep medical records, and treat the injured student athletes.  There are four Athletic Training courses to enroll in to complement and reinforce your clinical experiences in the Athletic Training Room.

NCCC will give you an introduction to healthcare education along with a strong base in the sciences.  You will receive supervised experience and become familiar with the educational components essential to specifically Athletic Training but those same courses can easily be applied to the broad spectrum of the entire Sports Medicine curriculum.  These courses and time spent with hands on experience will better prepare you to transfer to a 4-year school as the academic knowledge and practical experience are significant additions to any application or resume.  Should you happen to discover you prefer another healthcare profession or major, you will still have two years of beneficial college credit on your transcript as an abundant number of basic required educational courses will have also been completed while here at NCCC.

Students completing the NCCC Panther Sports Medicine program have been accepted at numerous schools.  Athletic Training students have been accepted at the UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS, EMPORIA STATE UNIVERSITY, MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY, WASHBURN UNIVERSITY, and the UNIVERSITY OF TULSA.  These schools are CAATE approved programs that will lead you towards your ATC credential.  Students opting to explore other fields of study have been accepted at PITTSBURG STATE UNIVERSITY and WICHITA STATE UNIVERSITY.