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Residence Halls

Bideau Hall

Bideau is a co-ed residence hall that houses 213 students. Bideau is suite style, featuring rooms that typically have two people to a room and share a bathroom with the adjoining room. Residents are responsible for providing their own toiletries and cleaning the bathroom. Each room comes with two extra-long twin beds, two dressers, two desks and desk chairs, and an open closet area. Furniture is bunkable, but not loftable. There is one laundry room located in each hallway, which is free for all residence hall students. Each hallway also has lounge area that houses computers and a TV, as well as couches and tables. The lobby is equipped with a TV and couches, ping pong table, and computers with free printing. The second floor is home to a movie room that has a flat screen TV with internet access and a DVD player. Bideau Hall also houses a gaming room with seven stations set up with their own gaming systems and separate bandwidth connections for optimal internet performance. Vending machines are also found on the first and second floor.  All of these amenities are available 24/7 to all on-campus students.

Link to Bideau Hall room layout.

Neokan Hall

NeoKan is also a co-ed residence hall that houses 81 students. NeoKan follows a typical residence hall layout with rooms lining a hallway with a community style bathroom. Most rooms house two people, but there are also three and four person rooms. NeoKan has three floors, one for women and two for men. The two men’s floors have built in furniture, two bunk beds, two desks and desk chairs, and two closet areas with drawers. The women’s floor has movable furniture that is bunkable, but not loftable.  Each floor has its own laundry room that is free for residents. Each floor is also protected by keycard access, so residents only have access to the floor on which they live.  The lobby has a TV, couches, foosball table, pool table, and a vending machine.  NeoKan also has a computer lab/study area that is open 24/7.   

Link to Neokan Hall room layout.