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Alumni & Foundation

Alumni & Foundation

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Heritage Family - West-Fairchild

Countdown until scholarship applications are due!

For the Memory Book please email for more information.


Going Green


The NeoSHO 1/4ly is our new publication for Neosho County Community College.  To receive the new NeoSHO 1/4ly please email Claudia Christiansen at with your name and address, we will be delighted to add you to our mailing list. 


If you are an alum and would like to share your news with your fellow alumni please send to Claudia at we would love to share all your accomplishments. 


The Neosho County Community College Foundation is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization.

Alumni Board of Directors

Mike Sutcliffe President
Dwight Smith Vice President
Sharon Reaves Secretary
Shelli Mirocke Treasurer
Linus Thuston  
Craig Reaves  
Sharon Reaves  
Linda Jones  
Brenda Rowe  
Sarah Cadwallader  
Casey Casebolt  
Bradford Johnson  

 Foundation Board of Directors

Wilbur Allison  
Robert Ames Vice President 
Wendy Brazel  
Mike DelaTorre  
Neil Ford  
Tim Heenan  
Mark Lair  
Dan Mildfelt  
David Orr  
Mike Reid Treasurer 
Mike Sutcliffe  
David Robinson Secretary 
LeNoir Rowland  
John Rubow  
Jerry Thompson  
Dr. Richard Warren  
Jennifer Dietsch  
Dennis Franks President
David Peter  
Dr. Diane Watkins  
Dwayne Umbarger  
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