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Each full-time or degree-seeking student at Neosho County Community College is assigned an academic advisor. Advisors are generally full-time faculty members in the student's primary area of interest. Students who are undecided on their academic major are assigned to one of their instructors, if at all possible. The Coordinator of Advising as well as advising specialists in our Developmental program and STARS program, also serve as advisors.

Need an advisor? 
Contact Jeff Almond, by calling 620-432-0311.
Don't remember your advisor's name? 
Look on Inside NC. If an advisor is not listed contact Jeff Almond.
Change your advisor? 
Complete a "Request for Change of College Record" form. These forms are available in the Welcome Center.
First time student?
All first time students are seen by Entry Advisors who are specially trained to understand and explain information about starting courses at Neosho County Community College.

Advisor Responsibilities:
Assist students in developing a class schedule.
Provide information about academic programs.
Encourage students to explore careers using the Kansas Career Pipeline.
Help with the transfer process and procedures.
Make appropriate referrals when needed.

Student Responsibilities:
First time at Neosho County Community College?
Make an appointment by calling Chanute 620-432-0311 or Ottawa 785-242-2067. 
Bring a copy of your ACT or SAT scores. 
If you didn't take these tests, you can take our free Compass Test Prep Review website will give you information about the Compass.
Have an official High School transcript mailed as well as an official transcript from any colleges you may have attended. If you bring in your own official transcript DO NOT open any sealed transcript envelopes as this will invalidate an official transcript.
If applicable, bring documentation to support any disability. 
Returning students, prepare for your advising meeting!
On Inside NC, get an unofficial copy of your transcript.
Look online for course availability and begin your next semester's plan.
Select a degree sheet based on the year you started at NCCC.
Get an Enrollment form.
Make and go to an appointment with your advisor to review and talk about your plan.
Take signed form to Registration office located in Sanders Hall. 

Transfer from NCCC.
Identify the college(s) you want to attend and visit their website.
Please check their transfer guidelines or how credits transfer.
For Kansas state institutions, please check out this website.
Kansas Transfer Guidelines

Degree Requirement Sheets:
Select the degree sheet based on when you started with Neosho County Community College
Associate of Arts (A. A.)      
Associate of Science (A. S.) 
Nursing Degree information

Career questions?  Please look at our Career website for the Kansas Career Pipeline which will help you make your career decisions.

Jeff Almond 620-432-0311 or