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Looking for someone ?  Use the filters below to find them!  Type in any of the fields below and then click the button to the right of the field you typed in to select the filter you'd like to apply.  If you are unable to locate the person you are looking for please call 620.431.2820 and press zero for the operator during normal business hours.

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Details TracyAndersonCustodian tanderson@neosho.eduMaintenanceChanute
Details LuAnnRogersCustodian lrogers@neosho.eduMaintenanceChanute
Details AllisonOuelletteDirector of Residence and Student Lifex565acouellette@neosho.eduStudent DevelopmentChanute
Details MattLoomisAdministrative Assistant for Upward Boundx504mloomis@neosho.eduUpward BoundChanute
Details PeggyCarmenOccupational Therapy Assistant Instructor/Fieldwork Ottawa
Details CoreyRaheMaintenance crahe@neosho.eduMaintenanceChanute
Details RebaPulliamCustodian rpulliam@neosho.eduMaintenanceChanute
Details JamieFugateCustodian jfugate@neosho.eduMaintenanceChanute
Details KyleSeufertMaintenance Supervisorx650kseufert@neosho.eduMaintenanceChanute
Details RhondaThomasAdministrative Assistant for Talent Searchx201rthomas@neosho.eduTalent SearchChanute